If you don’t find your answer here, be sure to ask.  We’ll be happy to give you complete details on anything you want to know about Tuscan Hall or The Veranda Room.  We hope to have the opportunity to host your event or reception.

General Policies & Information

  • The Veranda Room and Tuscan Hall can be used for many types of events.
  • There is no charge for tables or chairs in the Veranda Room or Tuscan Hall.
  • There are no cork fees or other hidden charges.
  • Tuscan Hall is accessible 10AM to 11PM.
  • The Veranda Room is accessible 10AM to 11PM (adding extra hour).
  • All our buildings are handicap accessible.


  • We have assembled a list of highly recommended vendors who support our venues and have worked with us to delight our guests with a solid reputation
  • You are not required to use this list. But as mentioned elsewhere, all alcohol must be served by a TABC licensed and insured bartender.

Veranda Room Details

  • The Veranda Room has approximately 1000 square feet inside and includes the use of a private courtyard.
  • We have a wide array of beer, wine, and other drinks available for service to your guests, accompanying our own complimentary TABC licensed bartender. Our bartender cannot serve alcohol you’ve provided, we’re only permitted serve our own.

Tuscan Hall Details

  • Tuscan Hall has 2450 square feet inside and another 3000 square feet outside on the patios and surrounding garden. Only Tuscan Hall rentals include kitchen privileges.
  • Our beautiful private suite is now included on all new Tuscan Hall bookings. It has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 salons, spacious lounge with kitchenette, and a separate lounge for family. You can even stay overnight if you wish.
  • Tuscan Courtyard features an Italian Marble Gazebo, perfect for nuptials or other ceremonies.
  • Tuscan Terrace includes shaded outdoor seating and string lights for your party to enjoy, day or night.

What You Can & Can’t Do

  • You’re free to use any caterer you choose. You may also bring in your own food.
  • Alcohol is permitted but must be served by a licensed & insured TABC server.
  • Candles are permitted in glass votives.
  • Bubbles are allowed but confetti and birdseed are not.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted inside. We have designated smoking areas outside.
  • Rental items cannot be left overnight in the Veranda Room.
  • Rental items left overnight in Tuscan Hall must be picked up by 10AM the next morning.

Payments & Reservations

  • Security/Damage Deposit: A $500 security/damage deposit is required for Tuscan Hall and/or the Private Suite. A $250 deposit is required for the Veranda Room. We reserve the right to keep all or part of your Security/Damage Deposit for any damages to the property, its contents, the grounds or failure to leave the premises in a neat and orderly condition. If damage is done in excess of the amount of the security deposit, you will be held accountable for paying any additional amount to cover repair or replacement as determined by the Owner. You will also be held accountable for any missing item(s). We strongly advise you not to invite guests if you don’t want to be held responsible for their actions. The deposit will be returned to you via check within 7 to 10 business days after the event.
  • Cancellations: When we receive your deposit check, we begin telling other parties that the facility you chose is no longer available on the date and at the time that you have chosen. This eliminates our ability to rent the facility to other parties. This is why we have a cancellation fee.
    1. Rental Fees – Cancellations made 120 days or more before the scheduled event will receive only a 50% refund of rental fees paid. Cancellations made between 119 and 60 days prior to the event will be refunded 25% of money paid. Events cancelled less than 60 days prior to the event will receive no refund of rental fees paid.
    2. Security/Damage Deposit – Your Security/Damage Deposit is refunded in full, of course, in the event of cancellation.

Below are some optional services you can add

  • Warming Chafer – $15
  • Upgraded Centerpiece – $5
  • Chair Covers – $3
  • Chair Sashes – $1
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