The Perfect Pairing

Step out the back door of our amazingly elegant Veranda Room, throw a rock, and it will land on one of the three decks of the Fang & Feather, the tasting room of YouTube’s famous Crowded Barrel Distillery. (During your reception, take a moment to visit each venue and see who chose to hang out at the Lady, and who chose to hang out at the Tramp. We guarantee you’ll be surprised.)

When you add the capacity of the Veranda Room with its private courtyard to the capacity of the Fang & Feather with its delightful three decks, you can easily accommodate 60.

Under the oaks in front of the Fang & Feather is the Grapes & Grain beer and wine bar. This will be open during your party, as well. Please note that Texas state law prohibits guests from bringing their own alcohol. Fortunately, we have a delightful variety available at Grapes & Grain and the Fang & Feather.

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We have 4 different ways to make social distancing easy.

  1. The courtyard at the Veranda Room.
  2. The decks at the Fang & Feather.
  3. The outdoor tables at Grapes & Grain.
  4. Chapel Dulcinea Livestream allows your friends to watch the ceremony from home.

Included In Your Package

Free Set-Up

When you use the tables, chairs, furniture, and linens (11 colors) we provide.

Something Different?

If you want to bring something personalized beyond what we provide, no problem. Just set it up yourself when your rental starts.

Free Clean-Up

Simply remove the items you and your vendors brought into the space and we will take care of the rest.

Seems Obvious?

You’d be amazed. Unfortunately many venues charge extra if you don’t leave your venue spotless. And that’s not the type of surprise you should have on your big day.

Special Access

Choice of 5:30 to 6:30PM or 8:30 to 9:30 PM Chapel Dulcinea reservation time.

More Availability

The extra time slots mean you can get the day you want, even with shorter notice.

Sun & Shade

You get the best of both worlds, with lush outside space and covered areas at each location.

Options For Everyone

Whether your guests want to sit inside the quiet Veranda Room, or outside on the romantic decks of Fang & Feather.

Any Caterer

Choose any caterer you wish with no extra charges. The rental includes tables, chairs, and sample layouts so it's easy to host a fantastic meal.


If you’re looking for some great caterers, head on over to our recommended vendors page. Of course you’re not required to use the list, but check them out and you’ll likely want to give a call.

Tables, Chairs, Linens

No hidden charges. No hassle. Nothing to stress over.

Several Options

Choose from 11 different colors of linens in the elegant Veranda Room. No linens necessary on the rustic Fang & Feather or shady Grapes & Grain.
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