Take Your Wedding Guests to Tuscany

Stand on this side of the archway and you’re on a limestone parking lot on a plateau that rises 900 feet above Austin. Step through that archway and you’re in Tuscany.

Water falls to your left. Massive stone steps lead across a pool that is constantly changing color. Fire leaps atop the surface.

Step through those tall, double doors. Old wooden shutters and windowboxes adorn windows high on the second floor. Grapevines twist through a huge iron chandelier. An overhead catwalk leads to a dazzling art gallery.

Why does the music sound so spectacular in here?

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For parties of 200 or less. 100 guests can be comfortably seated inside, with seating for 100 more in the gardens and plazas outside.

Approximately 2450 square feet inside.

Our wide open layout and high ceilings work great for dancing, eating, merry-making, whatever makes your day special!

Any Caterer

Choose any caterer you wish with no extra charges. Your private kitchen ensures your caterer will have what they need to serve the meal you dreamed of.


If you’re looking for some great caterers, head on over to our recommended vendors page. Of course you’re not required to use the list, but check them out and you’ll likely want to give a call.

Spacious Patios

Enjoy the outdoors in privacy. Behind charming Tuscan walls, your guests can party on the lawn, chat in the shade, or sit and enjoy the sounds of your majestic fountain.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Standing beneath the ancient Texas Live Oaks, you’ll feel a million miles away from your daily grind. Your guests will have plenty of room to stretch their legs as they enjoy the gardens and make memories for a lifetime.

Not Just a Hall


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Tuscan Hall Gallery