Outdoors Done Right

Your photographer will be busy as you two traverse the 3 breathtaking spaces of your garden wedding and mingle with loved ones.

The brilliant white marble gazebo in Tuscan Courtyard is gorgeous during the day and its delicate lights shine after dark. This open green space provides plenty of room for guests to sit comfortably and witness the ceremony.

Oak trees shade our magical Tuscan Gardens, with centuries-old wooden fortress doors, reclaimed wood benches, and wrought iron gates transporting you and your guests to a simpler time. No need to decorate this space — nature has already worked her magic to create your perfect, private park.

Bridging Tuscan Courtyard and Tuscan Gardens is the original calling card of Tuscan Hall, the Waterfall Patio. You’ll enjoy a quiet moment together watching the watertop flames flicker and whirl.

As a bonus, we’re even including the Private Suite & Salons for the duration of your rental as well. With 2 salons, kitchenette, lounge, bathroom, and a 2nd lounge with a 3 way mirror, it’s the perfect place to relax and prepare.

  • Lighted Marble Gazebo
    Perfect place for nuptials.

  • Tuscan Gardens
    Elegant green space with tables & chairs.

  • Waterfall Patio
    Even more tables and chairs.

  • Private Suite & Salons
    Get ready in style & comfort.

  • Private Bathrooms
    Located at the patio.

  • Ceremony Seating Available
    White Chairs $5 ea.

Monday – Thursday

3.5 Hours. Up to 60 guests.

Friday – Sunday

3.5 Hours. Up to 60 guests.

Time Slots:

8 AM – 11:30 AM
1 PM – 4:30 PM
6 PM – 9:30 PM

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Outdoors Only

Less Work. Less Expense. This easier & more affordable option is for people who prefer an outdoor venue.

You Have Options

It’s a perfect way to have a beautiful wedding without the hassle and investment in linens, centerpieces, and all that extra planning and effort. If you want to use the inside of the Tuscan Hall ballroom then we suggest the regular rental.

Bartending Included

Grapes & Grain provides a beautiful bar for wine, beer, coffee, and non-alcoholic options. The licensed and insured bartender alone saves you hundreds of dollars.

Who's Paying?

Do you want your guests to buy their own drinks? We can do that. Prefer to pay for everything yourself? We can do that too. Want to set up a budget to only pay the first X amount? Easy.

Free Clean-Up

Simply remove the items you and your vendors brought into the space and we will take care of the rest.

Seems Obvious?

You’d be amazed. Unfortunately many places charge extra if you don’t leave your venue spotless. And that’s not the type of surprise you should have on your big day.

If It Rains?

Nobody wants a surprise shower, but at least you'll have 5 separate covered spaces for shelter. 2 Garden Follies in Tuscan Gardens. The porch at the Waterfall Patio. The porch at Grapes & Grain. And the Private Suite itself.

Can We Get Into Tuscan Hall?

We can’t open the hall, even in a weather event. That space often stores delicate / dangerous distillery equipment, among others things. It must remain locked for security & safety. Your guests are always invited to the Welcome Center.

Tuscan Courtyard & Gazebo Gallery

Tuscan Gardens Gallery

Waterfall Patio Gallery

Private Suite & Salons Gallery